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This web site is Backpacker’s Travel Guide and Blog.

Backpacker means that author is, because of absence of high budget, avoiding luxury places and hotels. And, that author travels with big backpack with tent and sleeping bag.

Content is independent and reflects personal experiences of the author.

Here are written articles and reports from traveling in various countries, tips and tricks to make journey easier, and other experiences and inspirations.

There is a Photo gallery, where are posted nice interesting photos taken by author.

About the author:

My name is Peter Knapo, alias Knaper. I am from Slovakia. I have been traveling in Asia as backpacker since May 2016.


I have master degree in electronics. I like traveling, trekking, coffee roasting and drinking, and salsa dancing.

During my journeys, I am trying to travel as locals; be a traveler, not a tourist.

When I am traveling, people usually do not know my country.


Slovakia (Slovak Republic) is Eastern-European country. Now, member of EU. Currency is Euro. Capital city is Bratislava. Country population: 5.5 million people. In the past, we had one republic with Czech republic – Czechoslovakia (till 1993). Slovakia is beautifull mountain country with many castles, caves and nice natural sceneries. We have also quality wineries in the south and good cheap beer.

Location of Slovakia in Europe (Red colored area in the middle of map).

I am living in village (2500 inhabitants) in north-west part of Slovakia closed to Kysuce protected landscape area and Javorniky mountain.

My village and surroundings.

My photos from my traveling:

Morning coffee in Chinese Great Wall. Camping there was really exciting.
Crossing the Equator (North to South Hemisphere) in Pontianak, Borneo, Indonesia.
My hiking outfit in Himalayas, Nepal. Picture taken in Gokyo Ri peak with view of Mt. Everest.
Me and my backpack in railway station in Varanasi, India.