Krasnoyarsk is a city in Siberia in Russia. I stopped by there when I was traveling in Trans-Siberian Railway. Near of my hostel, there is a Salsa Club and School with the name Arriba. It was Friday, so this dancing school had Salsa party like every Friday.

When I was looking for this school, I was not sure where to go, because all buildings around looked like some old factory buildings. Only Salsa beats, which I heart, directed me to the right place – 2nd floor of this socialistic looking old building.

They played Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba songs which I was familiar from my home Salsa club.

Location of this Salsa school: 

Salsa Club and School Arriba, , Russia – GPS Location: 56.006652, 92.836098

My photos from this Salsa session:

Building where the Salsa Club and School Arriba is located. Typical socialistic old building, but interior of Salsa Club is nice 🙂


Nice Salsa paints on the wall in entrance to the Arriba dance school.


Reception and entrance of Salsa Club and School Arriba. I payed symbolic entrance fee. Some little snack and water was for free.


Dance floor. People dancing on Salsa song.


Salsa animation.


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