When you are in Mongolia’s capital city – Ulaanbaatar, you can visit some Salsa party sessions like me in June 2016. I have visited 2 clubs: Хар Сувд Club, and C&C Lounge Club.

First party, I have visited, was in Хар Сувд Club. Dancing stage is open air. Weather in June was still quite cold, which was keeping me dancing all night. Song repertoire was very familiar from my home salsa club: Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, and sometimes animations. Here I met my Ulaanbaatar’s friend Uka. She told me about another session week later.

After week, my second session was in C&C Lounge Club. This club is situated in office building and has a rooftop with nice view of UB. I came little bit soon, so I had enough time to encourage myself with couple of Chinggis beer 🙂 When party started, there came lot of people. It was a nice salsa party. Repertoire was also very familiar to me: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and many animations and dancing competitions. Club was full of local young people and just 2 westernians (me and another tourist) 🙂

I was very surprised how good dancers are Ulaanbatarians. Songs and style was very similar like in my Salsa club in Brno where I was learning dancing.

Location of these clubs, where you can dance Salsa in Ulaanbaatar: (Need to check current Salsa sessions schedule)

  • Хар Сувд Club, National Amusement Park, near The Castle, Ulaanbaatar – GPS Location: 47.908814, 106.920614
  • C&C Lounge Club, Chinggis Avenue 17, 7th floor Gurvan Gal Office Building, Ulaanbaatar – GPS Location: 47.914018, 106.915967


My photos from these Salsa sessions:

Хар Сувд Club in National Amusement Park.


Salsa party in Хар Сувд Club. Welcoming poster. Entrance: 5000 MNT = 2 USD.


Salsa party in Хар Сувд Club. Open space. There was quite cold in June. It was keeping me dancing all the time 🙂


Salsa party in Хар Сувд Club.


Salsa party in Хар Сувд Club.


C&C Lounge Club.


Sitting and drinking local beer – Chinggis before Salsa party in C&C Lounge Club..


Salsa party in C&C Lounge Club.


Salsa party in C&C Lounge Club.


View on Ulaanbaatar from rooftop in C&C Lounge Club.


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