Mt. Bromo is well known smoking volcano in Java island in Indonesia. It is quite touristic spot and get there by your own is not hard.

How to get to Mt. Bromo:

  1. Go by local bus to Probolinggo town, to Bus Terminal Bayuangga.
  2. Near of this Bus terminal, there is a Mini-Van stop (GPS: -7.767147, 113.173159). There are tourist mini-vans to Cemoro Lawang village for Mt. Bromo. Drivers are waiting for tourists to fully occupied the mini-van. There are no time table. Mini-vans are operating during the day and waiting for tourists. I am not sure about low season.
  3. Go to Cemoro Lawang village to the end station. There are many homestays and guesthouses for tourists. It is possible to find a cheap one.
  4. From Cemoro Lawang village is just few kilometers to Mt. Bromo.

I recommend you to walk to Mt. Bromo on the top. Do not take a taxi car (jeep) or motorbike, it is not so far. If you take a car, you have to pay entrance car fee.

Walk on the Mt. Bromo during the day. Stay at Cemoro Lawang village at least 2 nights. My recommendation is to not go watching the sunrise like most of the tourists. I did it and regret it, because it is nonsense. The sunrise is not so interesting, not even over the volcano and waking up at 2am and night-walking was really crazy. Sunrise are watching only naive western tourists 🙂 It is quite good business to drive tourists for sunrise.  Walk during the day like local Indonesian tourists.

The same mini-vans will drive you in the morning (till 10 am) back from Cemoro Lawang to Probolinggo Bus Terminal Bayuangga. From there, you can take a direct bus to Surabaya, or direct bus to Bali.


Beginning of the trip. Bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo town.


Mini-Van from Bus station in Probolinggo town to Cemoro Lawang village (Mt. Bromo). Driver was waiting for full occupancy. In reality, there were more persons in the van then it should be. It was the most pain-full ride for my testicles 🙂


Cemoro Lawang village, near Mt. Bromo. Village is full of homestays and guesthouses for tourists. It is possible to find a cheap one.


Cemoro Lawang village.


One of the view-points of Mt. Bromo in the night before sunrise. Lot of cars and motorbikes to transport tourists there.


View-point of Mt. Bromo in the night before sunrise. Lot of tourists waiting to see sunrise.


Sunrise. View-point of Mt. Bromo. Actually, where is Mt. Bromo? Behind the clouds? No. More on the right way. This fu****g sunrise was even not over the Mt. Bromo as you would expect. Just a standard sunrise. Every tourists wake up at 2am and go there to watch this sunrise. I would say it is a little trap. I can not believe that I did it 🙂


Mt. Bromo? Almost. Behind the clouds on left side of the big hill 🙂


Finally, Mt. Bromo. The smoking small hill on the left. Whole night and morning I though that Mt. Bromo was that bigger hill on the center 🙂


Smoking Mt. Bromo volcano.


Smoking Mt. Bromo. View from the bottom. Not so far from the Cemoro Lawang village, so you can walk there. Of coarse during the day, avoid the morning tourist jam 🙂


Walking on Mt. Bromo. There are lot of dust, so bring the dust mask.


Mt. Bromo. Final stairs on the top.


Mt. Bromo, on the top. View of smoking crater. If you like to breath this smoke, you can walk around. Smell drove me out of there after 2 minutes 🙂 Local people have some festival when they put some presents on that steep part around the crater and pick it. It is quite dangerous 🙂



Mt. Bromo. View from the top.


Onion patch behind the Cemoro Lawang village.


Local village house near Cemoro Lawang village.


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