I took this train in May 2016. Travelling in Russia by train is very easy and affordable. You can travel as local Russian people and making stops in big cities on the way you want.

You can buy train ticket online and paying by your card.

Tips for online train tickets for all Russian railways including Transiberian route:

1.) Set-up your account in Russian railways web page: rzd.ru (link for the web page ; English version ; Set-up the account). You can switch to english. Put your real name and Passport number which you will be using during travelling.

2.) Finding your trains. You can buy ticket only for town to town on Transiberian route. Put name of the cities into the searcher.

Tip: When it does not find a city, try localized name of the city. For example: Moscow, Moskva; or Ekaterinburg, Yekaterinburk. Try find it on the map. Use passenger station (Moscow-Pass, there are closed to center).

There are many local trains or straight train for all Transiberian route (Moscow to Vladivostok).

3.) You can buy online ticket and pay by your card.

Some trains ticket are not allowed to buy online, so you can make reservation and pick-up your ticket on the railway station personally.

With your ticket, you will be asked to show your Passport.


There are many classes in the train. I suggest 3rd class (Platzkart). It is open sleeping with clean sheets.

In every train, there are drinkable hot water for free, so you can eat your instant noodles (like every locals).

Trains usually stops in big cities for 20 minutes, so you can buy food on station.

In every train stations in Russia, all times are in Moscow time. Be careful when you plan arriving or departure in different time zone (like in Vladivostok).

People in the train were very polite, usually travelling to visit family over the Russia.

Russian Railways train.
Train station in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Siberia view from the train.
3rd class in the night.
3rd class in the night.

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