— Revolut Prepaid MasterCard web page for all info: revolut.com —

When I was doing research before my travelling, how I will be paying in my journies, I have found this prepaid debet card – Revolut Prepaid MasterCard. It is not a bank, just prepaid card linked with account.

There are very small fee (exchange rate fee) and in most ATMs in the world you do not pay withdrawal fees.

You can see your account in smartphone app, where you can see all your spendings and make Top-up by your bank account or by another card.

Unfortunatelly, this card is only avalaible for citizens of European Union (plus another few countries).

Set-up your account and ordering your Revolut prepaid card:

1.) Download smartphone app (in my case Android) at revolut.com

2.) Fill your personal info. Put the same real name as your bank account which you will use for Top-up.

3.) By clik, order the prepaid card. In my case, it came to Slovakia for free during 1 week.

4.) Make authorisation by making selfie where you holding your ID card, picture of ID card. Send to support or do it through app.

5.) Activate your card.

6.) Top-up by bank transfer from your bank account (same name). You can top-up in EURO. Ussually, this bank euro transactions are for free.

I already used this card in many countries in Asia (Russia, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singopore, Nepal, India). Sometimes (especially in Nepal) ATMs requested fee, but I have found one bank where I did not need to pay this fee.

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